The Project Team of the DFA Launches Negotiations with Big International Companies

The team, working on the development of the “NOAH” ethnographic district investment plan, is to conclude the stage of intensive negotiations with local and foreign investors. The project that has aroused a great interest is coordinated by the Development Foundation of Armenia jointly with the “Dalma Invest” company, the  owner of “Dalma Garden Mall” and the coordinator of the “Kumayri Revival” investment fund.

The stage of idea generation also comes to an end.  Today, the team working on the project launches negotiations on urban design and business planning of the “NOAH” ethnographic district with big international companies in order to choose the best offer. The selected proposal should include the urban planning, business planning, volume of investments, the purpose, efficacy, and touristic attractiveness of the district.

To remind, the investment project has been announced by the Prime Minister of RA and the chairman of the DFA board Karen Karapetyan during the field consultation at the district building site.

“To clarify, the “NOAH” is not a project of an Armenian village at the center of the capital: it is an ethnographic district that will represent the best characteristics of architecture, arts and crafts, as well as the traditions and customs of different regions of Armenia. In a word, the district will present the best of Armenia”, noted the Programme Manager of the Development Foundation of Armenia Mane Adamyan.