Large-scale projects coming in 2018.

Today, the Executive Board of Business Armenia summed up the results of 1-year term of  CEO of the foundation  Armen Avak Avakian.

Business Armenia has exceeded all its targets for 2017, and larger ones are set for 2018: investments of $ 46.8 million and export of 7.9 billion drams:

“The targets set for this year will be reached as programs of investment, re-investment, export and production have already begun in the first 4 months, not counting the international expos that we support Armenian producers to participate in. The rest of the year is heavily scheduled too” mentioned Executive Director of Business Armenia Armen Avak Avakian.

Some of the major projects launched by Business Armenia this year:

  • the project of water reservoir building by the Polish SIMED Group of companies,
  • the production of thematic souvenirs with the images of the Armenian kings,
  • the Chinese “New Yida” company’s project of establishment of a new plant for bottling and production of mineral water,
  • the opening of the region’s largest biotechnology park in Armenia by FMD K&L Europe.
  • the involvement in getting orders by foreign organization for the IT companies in Gyumri

In addition to that, over 60 producers have participated in international exhibitions and singed export contracts in the first quarter of the year. A number of projects are at the stage of negotiations.

The video presents the results of the previous year’s activities, reforms, this year’s targets and the strategies of Business Armenia to achieve them.