Armenia’s Strategic Vision for fDi Magazine

YEREVAN                                                                                                  02.06.2017

Among interviews about our country initiated by the Development Foundation of Armenia, the renowned fDi Magazine of The Financial Times has published an one with Alexandr Khachaturyan, the Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Initiatives, on Armenia’s strategic vision.

Khachaturyan stated that improving the business environment, promoting exports, attracting new investments, developing human capital and decreasing the unemployment rate are the priorities on the agenda of the RA government, and will directly contribute to a stable, growing and innovative economy.

“We believe that through effective reforms, protection, dignity, quality of life and optimism for the future will be ensured for every citizen of the Republic of Armenia”, Aleksandr Khachaturyan told fDi Magazine’s editor-in-chief Courtney Fingar.

The full publication can be viewed here (in English).