DFA Team

The Chief Executive Officer manages the current activity of the Foundation. He is authorized to decide on all issues and on the management of the Foundation’s current activities. He ensures correct implementation of Board decisions and submits annual reports to the Board. The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation may be appointed or dismissed by the Board.

Armen Avak Avakian – Chief Executive Officer


Armen Avak Avakian is currently the CEO of the DFA – the Armenian national trade authority for investment and export promotion.  He is also an advisor to the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Previously he was a Partner at the Garrison Marketing Group; a specialized marketing consulting resource for multinational as well as large local brands. He was responsible for Russia, Ukraine & CIS, the Middle East and South America. The Garrison Marketing Group is highly involved in leading edge marketing throughout the region with clients such as Coca Cola, Danone, IKEA, Sony PlayStation, Telenor, Pfizer, UniCredit Bank, Bayer, etc.

Armen Avakian has personally overseen projects that cover over 120 brands worldwide. His client list includes, but is not limited to Danone (Brasil, Chile, South Africa, West Africs), P&G (multiple countries), Carlsberg Balkans, LEGO Denmark, Sportmaster Russia, Raffeisen Bank Hungary.

Armen is a Professor of Applied Marketing Strategies (MBA level) at the American University of Armenia. He has previously also taught at CEU Business School based in Budapest.

Armen Avakian is a published marketer with articles in leading marketing and advertising magazines in different countries, such as Brand Age. You can find his articles on the Garrison Marketing Group website: http://www.garrisongroup.eu.

Armen is also working on publishing case studies and articles in the new and upcoming 3rd edition of the Exponential Marketing Book.