Careers at DFA

By joining our team, You can have the chance to offer Your contributions towards the development of Armenia. Working at DFA requires dedication, great professional skills and capacity to apply them professionally. As an organization which incorporates the promotion of three important areas of the economy – investment, export and tourism – and which works based on public-private cooperation, we encourage specialists with good teamwork, organizational and interpersonal communication skills, to join our team.


Those interested in working at the Development Foundation of Armenia, besides satisfying the criteria of the relevant vacancy, should also:

  • Be responsible and punctual
  • Have initiative and be teamwork oriented
  • Recognize the importance of this public service [Did I understand this right?]
  • Be reliable, honest and respectful

If you are able to work in an organized and timely fashion, are punctual, are not afraid of responsibilities entrusted upon you, and want to acquire new knowledge and experience, then our Foundation can serve as the best possible self-realization platform for you.


DFA works with a range of educational institutions, charities and other public organizations, enabling students and volunteers to practice at the Foundation.

This internship opportunity at DFA can be a good skill, useful when acquiring full-time employment in the future. Here you can use the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies, develop your organizational and communication skills, as well as find future employment.

– Internship: conscientiously attend the Foundation in the stipulated period of time, perform given tasks

– Acquire recommendations

– Submit the application

– Go through the interview process