New production in Armenia: Business Armenia’s project is already a reality

Armenia has launched production of thematic souvenirs by the support of “Business Armenia”: . Souvenirs with Armenian kings, queens and other historical themes will be released in the mid of April. The idea was suggested by the Premier Minister of RA and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Business Armenia, Mr. Karen Karapetyan.

15 types of souvenirs were produced with the pictures of Tigran the Great, Queen Parandzem, Hayk Nahapet, Paruyr Skayordi, Anahit Goddess: tea assortment, cups, plates, badges, magnets, tassels, postcards, notebooks, chocolate, shirts, baby clothes, silver bracelets, wooden picture frames, mosaics.

Designer Gayane Danielyan designed a ®«Tag» brand, which is a subject of copyright protection, exclusively for this project and provided for a free of charge use. A special track has been written by Serj Simonyan (DJ Serjo) for ®«Tag» promotional materials. PPP project is being implemented by “47 design” company, which designed the sketches of souvenirs and has already started the production.

Business Armenia in cooperation with Ministry of Culture of RA, Armenian Apostolic Church and other organizations, has promoted the creation of 50 souvenir shops in tourist destinations, near the historical and cultural monuments. The souvenirs will be exported to US, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and France.

“This is a project that will take souvenir production to a new level, making it another branch of export, among our traditional ones” noted Businessmen Support Team Leader of Business Armenia Hayk Mirzoyan.

“To implement souvenir production to our best, we have studied manufacturing capabilities and chosen 3 workshops; we’ve created 22 new workplaces in total. As a result, we have developed samples of cognitive and educational significance, which I assure you many people would like to have”– noted CEO of “47 design” company  Arsen Meliksetyan.

“Each souvenir is presented with trilingual information. These souvenirs will “talk” with tourist in one common voice about Armenia’s rich historical and cultural heritage, will raise an efficiency of souvenir industry and take it to a new level”- noted CEO of “Business Armenia”  Armen Avak Avakian.

“47 design” company has started the implementation of souvenirs promotion of different styles since 2015. Historians, psychologists, designers, painters, and 3D designers are engaged in creation of the souvenir samples.

For the first time the project has been discussed with the PM of RA Mr. Karen Karapetyan during the meeting at the DFA office: .

The start was given few days later after discussions with historians: .

Video about production and project: .

Video without illumination and music: .